Hummingbird Hostel

Hummingbird Hostel is over.

Indian Tour might be back in summer.

On the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada,

35 minutes northwest of Tofino (and $16.00 by

Sea Bus and water taxi) Ahousat is the largest First Nations territory on Vancouver Island.
Besides viewing the beautiful hummingbirds,

Bald eagles, bears swimming, sea otters playing,

 And gray whales often swim by, one can hike the

 pristine trails to the sulphur springs, through the

 rain forest to the white sandy beaches of

"Whitesand Cove"

And I didnft know people are so glad about this so I didnft say that before but you can see

Fluorescent(‚m‚‚ƒ‚”‚‰‚Œ‚•‚ƒ‚‚“‚ƒ‚‰‚Ž‚”‚‰‚Œ‚Œ‚‚Ž‚“) every night

CFirstHummingbird returned!!



2006 I didnft see him but 1 hummingbird came to neighbourfs window in the storm on 23/March.
I saw first hummingbird came to my feeder on March 25th at 12:30.

CFirstHummingbird returned!!


I heard hummingbird sound in the evening and I prepared feeder. Rufas hummingbirds came to my feeder next day. And last 2-3 days, small grey whale were swimming in front of the hostel every day. Spring has come !

200‚SCFirst Hummingbird returned!!

21/March/2004,pm2:21,cloudy,16.5Ž,nice & warm blaze, I thought I saw a hummingbird on the feeder, but  could not tell exactly.


It is nice & warm morning again,

and YES! Rufus Hummingbird is beeping for the territory out side. I saw 1 male just out of the hostel.

Just 1, But already he is noisy,

Lovely season has come!!

I had to prepare 12 litters of sugar water every day at peak time and I spent 70kg of sugar for 1 summer on 2003.

17/June/2004, A Grey Whale was swimming in front of the Hostel at am 11:15. About 30 minutes free whale watching then.

2003CFirst Hummingbird returned!!

10/March/2003,pm3:35, cloudy, 13 Ž

 First hummingbird appeared to

 Hummingbird Hostel.

 It was Rufus Hummingbird male. It is over 2 weeks earlier than usual years. Their number might become huge this year. Even last year, I must prepared 10 litters of sugar water every day.

Used 70 kg sugar for one summer!

photo in July 29th 2001 click here for video

26/March/2002, pm 6:15, temperature 7Ž,

This yearfs first hummingbird appeared to

 Hummingbird Hostel.

 It was Rufus Hummingbird male.