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Hummingbird Hostel is over.

2007/August 23'd.

2006/April/12,They saw Humpback Whale jumped up 3 times from the Hostel porch. I was late, I saw just wahle's back and splash.

I didnft see him but 1 came to
neighbourfs window in the storm. 23/March/06
I saw 2006 first hummingbird came to my feeder on March 25th at 12:30.

March 15th 2006

A gray whale was swimming in front of the village at 4:30 and sea bus passengers could enjoy whale watching on the way to here.

March 14th 2006

A gray whale swam in front of hostel.

I didnft write but gray whales and humpback whales swam in front of hostel sometimes in 2005.


A Gray Whale swam in front of the Hostel at am11:15.

About 30 minutes free whale watching.

Ahousat General Store Cafe Restaurant will open on June 15fth.
You can have the best fish & chips in west coast!

200SCFirst Hummingbird returned!!

21/March/2004,pm2:21,cloudy,16.5,nice & warm blaze, I thought I saw a hummingbird on the feeder, but  could not tell exactry.


It is nice & warm morning again,

and YES! Rufus Hummingbird is beeping out side. I saw 1 male just out of the hostel.

Just 1, But already he is noisy,

Lovely season has come!!



Hot Springs Cove and Whale Watching Tour by First Nationfs Guide. He will show you a lot of wild life !

Need 4 people $69 !! per person.

 Taxies included


Fishing Tour with First Nation Guide

Cod fishing; $59 per person per hour. Taxies included

You can catch fish exactry!


Salmon fishing; $239 per person (4 hours)


Please ask ahead.


Killer whale family swam by (19/April/2002)

Killer Whale dad, mom and a baby were swimming just 5 minutes from hostel today.
They stayed around there over 3 hours

First Hummingbird returned!!

26/March/2002, pm 6:15, temperature 7, This yearfs first hummingbird appeared to Hummingbird Hostel. It was Rufus Hummingbird male       .