Hummingbird Hostel is in Ahousat on Flores Island, about 14 km north west ofTofino west coast of Vancouver Island.

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How to come to Tofino

B.C.Ferrys schedule

West Vancouver - Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay)for walk and car

Vancouver - Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point) for car
Vancouver - Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay)for walk and car


BC Ferries
West Coast Trail Express

Tofino Bus

(meets 8:30 am sailing from Vancouver Horseshoe Bay )

And more runs, Please check Tofino Bus web site.

Greyhound Bus 1-800-318-0818

If you have a Bus Pass, you can use the pass between Vancouver, Nanaimo and Tofino(BC Ferry fare is not included).
Tofino Bus took over Greyhound Bus's business, so 2 company names but actually those two are same bus(2007)..

Air Planes
Sonic Blue Air
Daily schedule service to Vancouver and Victoria and Tofino/one per day/summer1-800-228-6608 e-mail:

Starting last springNorthern Hawk Aviation will once again offer daily flights between the Tofino Airport & Vancouver.
1-866-225-8131 for more information.

Western Express Air Lines Inc.
@ the Long Beach Golf Course 1-866-293-7839 e-mail:
Daily schedule service to Vancouver and Tofino/one per day/summer. Chartered flights from Victoria.

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@ Greyhound Bus Depot moved to behind of co-ap super market, middle of the block. Big P is the car park.

There is the CIBC bank in front of Post office. NO Bank in Ahousat.

 They call "Clayoquot Sound" around there. Do you know the Pacific Rim

National Park? The long beach is famous, right?
Getting boat at the Hummingbird Hostel is the best way to go to Hot Springs Cove. If you have over 4 people, you will have big chance to charter First Nation's boat for only $69 per person include Whale Watching
Hummingbird Hostel is right on the red point at Ahousat on Flores Island.

To come to Ahousat on Flores Island, You can catch Sea Bus or Water Taxi at the 1fst street Doc in Tofino.Tofino Map

Sea Bus " Ahousaht Pride " time schedule 1-250-670-9563
($16 per person each way, up to High School Students & Seniors must be half price)







35-45 minutes beautiful boat ride

Private Water Taxis are running often.
The fare must be same $16 per person or 1 dollar more.

It will go up little bit after sea Bus and after it gets dark.
You should ask to the driver the fare and destination before ride on the boat to make it sure. Hot Springs Cove Boat will be more expensive.
25-35 minutes beautiful boat ride

Sea Bus gAhousaht Prideh at 1fst street Doc in Tofino


Water Taxis come from Ahousat
Cougar Island

Rocky Pass &Eagle Adventures
cell; 1-250-720-1026

White Star, Eagle 19, Oceana

Matlahaw(comes from Hot Springs Cove)

Tofino Air Line Started SCHEDULED FLIGHTS


Tofino-Ahousat(Hummingbird Hostel)-Hot Springs Cove since June 1

Tofino              Ahousat            Hot Springs

8:30                 8:40-8:45           8:55

13:00              13:10-13:15        13:25

17:30              17:40-1745         17:55

Hot Springs       Ahousat           Tofino

9:30                9:40-9:45            9:50

14:00             14:10-14:15         14:25

18:30             18:40-18:45         18:55


Details@, 1-866-486-3247