Gallery the Hummingbird


This is the Hummingbird International Hostel.
Many many hummingirds come to the hostel window.

That is why I call here gHummingbird Hostelh.
Bears swim in front of hostel, wolves walk sometimes,
sea lions, otters, salmon jumps often and eagle catch them.

Whitesand Cove

After walk through the rain forest, you will see the paradise

‰·ςWarm sulfur Springs
There is the springs pool.
Temperature is about 25c, so it is not very warm.
But you can enjoy million dollars view.


This is on the way to the beach and warm springs.
A lot of old and high trees !
Oh, Nice !!


Rufas Hummingbird babies. They are always hungry. 29/July/2001

Banana slug
 Huge !




Slug Shit (Oh ! Huuuuuge!!)

Goose Neck (PERCEBES)

Hostel Beds



Indian policeman gave her a crab


I fished 27 pounds salmon. Yes !!

«@This is 42 pounds one. See? Ahousat is the real capital of the salmon fishing.


Over 73 pounds Halibut (04/June/2002)


They love VOOKA (lie)@@@@@@@@@@@@@April 16, 2005



Look at these great pictures of Hummingbird Nest !!

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